Sending someone a birthday card with a personalized birthday message is a great way of making them feel unique on this special day. If you want to show some love to your special ones, these happy birthday cards with glorious popup designs are all you need.

1. Birthday Truck Pop-Up Card

This card’s beautiful teal blue cover depicts a vintage red truck with a bed full of colorful balloons. The finest art paper and expert craftsmanship were used to create this card. For a flawless finish, the pop-up pattern is laser etched and then constructed by hand. The card has a lovely, distinctive 3D design. It looks like a red pickup truck filled with love.

2. Flamazing Birthday Flamingo Pop-Up Card

The finest way to commemorate an occasion or let a friend that you are thinking of them is with a stunning card that is sure to make their day. A pop-up flamingo-adorned card makes the ideal spring greeting. The moment you open this card, a beautiful wading bird blooming with flowers greets the receiver in a very spectacular moment. Use this pop-up card to share your affection, provide joy to others, and spread charm on any day of the calendar.

3. Sprinkles Birthday Cake Pop-Up Card

This charming, adorable Popup Card has a fascinating, original 3D design that includes a birthday cake among many candles, gifts, and sprinkles. – The Card is blank inside, allowing you to add your own warm wishes, greetings, and notes. It is far more than a card—the receiver will always cherish the memory of the interaction.

4. Sunflower Birthday Cake Slice Pop-Up Card

Send this card with a pop-up birthday cake to make someone’s birthday special. Sunflowers and small candles are placed at the top of the card’s front design. A pop-up cheesecake could be found on the card. A sunflower made of yellow and bright green metallic patterned paper is placed on top of the cake slice. This birthday cake card would undoubtedly make the recipient smile and feel exceptional.

5. Happy Birthday Card with Mini Bouquet

With a Happy Birthday Card featuring Mini Bouquet, you may spread the warmth and excitement of a birthday greeting. The miniature bouquet is displayed in a white pot plant with confetti surrounding its base. Vibrant orange, magenta, and potted hydrangeas are surrounded by deep green leaves. You could express your affection for your friends, family members, and anybody else considerable to you on their occasion this year with the miniature paper flower arrangement and original greeting card.

6. Happy Birthday Basket Pop-Up Card

This floral card will brighten the grin of your wife, mom, cousin, or sister by expressing your deep affection towards them. This lovely pop-up card has a blue cover with a white basket filled with goodies, blossoms, tiny birdies, and balloons as well as the phrase “sending you a basket full of fun.” This adorable and gorgeous artwork is full of whimsy and joy.

7. Happy Birthday Balloons Pop-Up Card

Instead of sending dull cards to your loved ones, use this innovative and fun 3D birthday balloon pop-up card to celebrate the birthday. This colorful card is ideal for a sweet and original surprise. Opening it reveals a lovely geometric party background and a cherry tiny box filled with colorfully themed balloons. The card is itself an excellent present that they will treasure long just after the cake, lights, and real balloons have been gone.

8. Vintage Wine Birthday Pop-Up Card

This style is perfect for individuals in your life who believe that, like such a fine wine, celebrations get better with age. So enjoy a toast, open champagne, and celebrate your beloved one’s birthday with such a special card. Upon opening, a wonderful bottle of wine with something like a “Happy Birthday” greeting is presented, surrounded by bright gifts & wine glasses. Send this to a wine expert to suit their upscale tastes.

9. Happy Birthday Plane Pop-Up Card

This 3D card, which is not your typical greeting card, will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on your aviation-loving recipient. Have a plane amazing day is written on the charming blue background of the Plane pop-up card. An impressive 3D sculpture is revealed when the pop-up card is opened. A little note sheet is added that slides away when an airplane emerges from the greeting card to add your touch.

10. Happy Birthday Classic Car Pop-Up Card

With an outstanding card they’re sure to enjoy, wish your car-obsessed family or friends a very happy birthday. The retro cover has “You’re not old..” scrawled on it. It has a complex surprise pop-up of such a stylish vintage car with the statement “you’re a classic” and a 3D red vintage car that looks like an Oldsmobile or perhaps a Ford Flier.

Sending a birthday card can come in handy for you to convey all of your feelings, including compassion, pleasure, love, laughter, admiration, and enthusiasm. You can emotionally connect with each of your family members and friends who have had any impact on your life by delivering them one of these happy birthday cards.