It’s no secret that the roads are treacherous and can lead to a lot of damage to our cars. This is especially true when it comes to their respective tires and wheels. Depending on the type of road you’re driving on, various dangers like potholes, glass shards, rocks, and other objects can easily have you replacing your tires if you aren’t careful.

Below, we’ve curated a list of top-tier tires that can help you navigate driving while keeping you safe and free from blowouts and bent axels.


A second-generation tire that has large grooves to help resist hydroplaning and wet traction. The tires also have a symmetric tread design that allows for a smoother and quieter driving experience. The Kinetica Touring operates well in all seasons, with optimized snow grip and dry handling.

2. IRONMAN - GR906

The GR906 is a great set of wheels that operate well in virtually all weather conditions, whether it be dry and sunny or wet and slushy. Not only that, but these incredible tires help improve vehicle stability while also allowing you a smoother ride with reduced gas consumption!


An all-season passenger tire that is dependable and comfortable when it comes to spending time on the highway or throughout the city. Expect better gas mileage, fewer vibrations, and a much lower amount of road noise while on the road.

4. IRONMAN - RB-12

Another one of Ironman’s tires, the RB-12 is a great entry-level touring tire that is meant to handle any weather condition and is constructed to move through snow and mud easily and effortlessly.


Offered with a 60,000 mileage warranty, the Champiro Touring tires make it clear that they are here and here to stay. These advanced passenger tires not only make all weather conditions good, but they also help with control and overall handling of the vehicle.

6. OHTSU - FP7000

The FP7000 is another stellar set of performance tires that works well in all situations. Here, these incredible options have what is known as “lateral grooves”, which help flush any water away from the tire’s center, making them excellent in any and all wet and watery conditions.


Lastly, the Touring LS tires are the luxury option for anyone that wants to feel and drive like a king. Not only are they meant and designed for everyday road use, but they have also been made to produce as little resistance to the road when making contact with the pavement, ultimately allowing you to drive for longer when compared to other tires.