Many people don’t realize that health is a lifelong pursuit. Thankfully, it can be made easier by having the right tools. Even if you’re not feeling sick, there are many tests that can help monitor your general health and make sure you are living the best life possible. It’s never too early to take steps to improve your well-being and future wellness!

1. Thyroid Test

This test is designed to detect thyroid gland disorders that may lead to health problems and even mental disabilities. You may want to take this test if you have hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, or another condition that affects your thyroid health.

2. Indoor and Outdoor Allergy Test

This test can help you determine what you are allergic to and how to avoid it to empower you to live a more comfortable life. If you’ve had no luck with traditional allergy treatments, this may be the right test for your specific needs.

3. Cholesterol and Lipids Test

Cholesterol can, when not controlled, lead to heart disease and other serious health problems. Monitoring your cholesterol is essential if you want to live a healthy life. You can find out if you have high cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein, or triglycerides with this test.

4. HbA1C Test

People with diabetes can benefit from monitoring their HbA1C levels. The HbA1C test is personalized so that you get the most accurate reading possible. By taking the test regularly, you can make sure that you are managing your blood sugar and avoiding unnecessary complications in life.

5. Heart Health Test

Have heart palpitations? High blood pressure leading to stroke or heart attack? You can find out everything you need to know with this test. Elevated levels of homocysteine, clogged arteries, and other factors can be monitored with this test to help you take care of your health. The earlier you identify a problem, the easier it is to treat and control.

6. FIT Colon Cancer Screening Test

This test can help you identify signs of polyps that may lead to colon cancer by monitoring your body’s natural waste. You will learn if you have excess risk, if you have a mild risk, or if you are at a normal level of risk for colon cancer. You can begin to address your health concerns right away!

7. Sleep and Stress Test

Stress is linked to a number of physical ailments, but studies now suggest that it can be directly linked to poor sleep habits as well. Find out if you are overexerting yourself with this test. A simple saliva sample can help you identify the best ways to improve your lifestyle and get a better night’s sleep.

8. Heavy Metals Test

Heavy metals like mercury, lead, and arsenic can cause serious side effects when they build up in your body. They can cause brain damage, low IQ, kidney damage, and cancer if not removed from the body quickly enough. This test can show you exactly how much heavy metals are in your body and advise you on the best ways to remove them.

9. Lyme Disease Test

Lyme disease is a well-known condition that has been linked to depression, memory loss, obesity, and even heart problems. This test can verify your risk for Lyme disease with a simple saliva sample. You may never know that you have the condition until you take this simple test.

10. B Vitamins Test

B vitamins are very essential for good health and play a large role in cell growth, metabolism, and tissue repair. This test can tell you exactly how much of each B vitamin is in your body and give you tips to improve your health with these nutrients. You can use these as a foundation to improve your lifestyle.

With these ten tests, you can begin to monitor your own health in a variety of ways. You can begin to take better care of your body regardless of how much you are currently doing. These tests are not only beneficial for health issues, but they’re also very helpful for general wellness and protection against disease.