Are you looking for a delicious, easy, and fast meal to make this week? You’re in the right place. From pesto chicken pasta to honey lemon salmon with asparagus, we have something for every taste and mood. Choose from our top 10 meal kits below!

1. Dukkah Chicken Tray Bake

If you’re a fan of the Middle-Eastern spice mixture dukkah, you’ll enjoy this recipe which is bursting with flavor and is ready in 20 minutes.

2. Pulled Pork Sheet Pan Nachos

If you love pulled pork sandwiches, a sheet pan picnic will make them even better! The nachos are made with fresh corn chips, pico de gallo, cheese and bacon for extra flavor. The pulled pork will take less than an hour to make and be ready for a picnic by the time you get home.

3. Brazilian Beef Picadillo

This recipe is one of our best sellers. It has everything you need for a fantastic, delicious meal with rice and beans! This dish is filled with lots of flavorful ingredients, which are all mixed together to create a taste sensation unlike any other.

4. Smoky Chicken Spaghetti

This recipe uses simple ingredients and is ready in less than 15 minutes! It’s a perfect weeknight meal. The chicken smokiness and the pepper cream sauce make a perfect union.

5. Jamaican-Style Chicken Curry

This recipe uses curry as its base flavor, which is a wonderful way to add more flavor to your meal. It has aromatic vegetables like onions, bell peppers and garlic that bring out the curry flavor. This dish tastes amazing with coconut rice on the side!

6. Cheesy Roast Pumpkin Pizzas

Roasting pumpkin is a great way to add flavor and really bring out all the natural sweetness of the pumpkin. This recipe uses bread crumbs, and cheese and olive oil to form the crispy outer shells of the pizza crusts.

7. One-Pan Masala Fish

A wonderful and simple dish that creates awesome flavor! Cook fish in one pan for an hour, which will make it flaky and flavorful with all the additional spices used in this recipe! If you want to enjoy this dish on a summer’s day, it can also be cooked indoors.

8. Reduced-Carb Hoisin Chicken Salad

The delicious spices used in this dish is what make it stand out from the other chicken salad recipes. It has a lot of flavors and the best part is that it uses only carbs for its base ingredient! This dish goes perfectly with a side of fresh fruit salad and dieter fries.

9. Balanced Tofu Rainbow Bowl

This is one of our most popular recipes. It uses shredded tofu, rotisserie chicken, almonds, avocado and cooked rice in a bowl with a variety of vegetables such as snow peas and watercress. The mixture is then kept warm for about an hour until the tofu is nice and warm as well.

10. Easy Fish and Potatoes

Eat fish and potatoes, but in a whole new way! Create a flavorful meal with just 2 pans and 20 minutes! This recipe puts a spin on the usual dinner by using garlicky potatoes, halved cherry tomatoes, peppery spinach, and lemon. The fish is rubbed with some herbs, wrapped in foil d baked to perfection, all while the potatoes are roasting.

With these 10 recipes, you can save time and money while eating great meals that will help you stay on track with your healthy diet. You can even make them ahead of time to help you stay on track for the week.