A good portfolio website can help showcase your work to clients and help you get more work. Here are some tips to follow when creating your site.

1) Add your Portfolio Page

Using a Squarespace template, you can add your portfolio page. On Squarespace, begin your site’s niche to see what templates you can use.

2) Make your portfolio appealing

Showcase your work using attractive designs. Make it easy to move between pages using an accessible layout.

3) Customize your portfolio

Add images, text, or videos as you like and customize your portfolio in a way that best displays your work.

4) Include an "About Me" page

An “About Me” page allows potential clients to learn about your expertise and the services you have to offer. Add this to your portfolio so you’re to improve your chances of getting clients.

We’ve laid out the steps to creating the perfect portfolio for your work. Follow these steps and see your client base grow.