Many of us find it hard to have the time to cook a meal. More Australians work full-time whenever before. If you are pushed for time to cook a meal when you come home, you should consider a meal kit.

Dukkah Chicken

One of the fastest ways to prepare a meal is to make a tray bake. The Dukkah meal kit is packed with flavour and all of the healthy goodness that you need.

A great choice for the entire family.

Pulled Pork Sheet Pan with Nachos

This is fast food at home and can be on your table in as little as 20 minutes. Really tasty and filling – this is a meal that never fails to satisfy.

Brazilian Beef Picadillo

Fancy trying something different? This is a super tasty meal which is perfect for when you have friends around. Goes great with an Australian glass of wine. Enjoy with friends or with your partner.

Smoky Chicken Spaghetti

Pasta is a great way to serve up a meal fast. With this meal, you can enjoy pasta with a difference. Many of us forget that pasta goes well with different foods. Here it is served up with chicken in a tasty sauce.

Jamaican Style Curry with Rice

Rice makes a nice combo with almost anything. but it has to be said, it goes well with curry. Here it is combined with a Jamaican which is a slightly different flavour experience than Indian curry.

Cheesy Roast Pumpkin Pizza

Like to try a pizza with a difference? This pizza is packed with flavour and very filling thanks to the pumpkin topping. Make a quick salad and you have a lovely evening meal to look forward to.

Masala Fish

Not all Indian spices go well with fish. However, Masala spices mixes are the way to go when you want to spice up your fish. A low-fat dish but still packed with flavour.

Hoisin Chicken Salad

Worried about your carbs? If so, you must simply try this chicken. It goes to prove that low-carb dishes do not have to be boring.

A nice alternative to other low-carb dishes and super easy to digest.

This selection of dishes will see you through the week. A fantastic way for you and your family to enjoy healthy food at home. Don’t forget to invite your friends and impress them with your new cooking skills.