Are you looking for Ecommerce templates that can boost your sales? Then check out the various Squarespace templates and what they can do for your site.

1.B&W SX‑70 Film

* Ventura uses clear headings and taskbars at the top to keep your pages and links neatly organized. Its great for uploading a variety of homepage images to keep your clientele engaged.
* Maru is a striking template that allows you to embed images within one another, which is perfect if you have a specific backdrop in mind. Where it uses fewer subheadings to organize pages, it does so in a more linear and attractive manner.
* Anise is great if you have a main image you want to project at the top of your page and additional images, such as pictures associated with various product categories, that you can progressively list with accompanying information and links as you scroll down the page.
* Hester offers a colorful display with the ability to embed multiple images side-by-side which is great for comparison shoppers and if you offer an extensive, eye-catching inventory.
* Crosby offers a stark, steel-gray background that offsets dark backdrops and provides a nice contrast, particularly for visual displays with a lot of color. This template provides a nice blend between photographic display and accessing tabs and subcategories.
* Alameda is a great template for those with a huge inventory in a specific product category, such as apparel or cosmetics. With the ability to embed multiple photos of items with links to purchasing details, it makes it easy to compare and navigate the inventory.
* Tresoire uses a black background to provide a bold look to your web design. It is the most photographic friendly, with links and subheadings featured beneath the photos depicted in the middle.