The Ascent Series Blenders are the best blenders that you can buy when you are looking for a long lasting blender. On this page, we are taking a look at some of the best blenders offered by the Ascent Series blenders.

A2300 Blender

This is the most basic blender offered by the company. Still, it comes with unique Self-Detect technology coupled with up to 10 speeds, start and stop along with a digital timer and a pulse switch.

A2500 Blender

The A2500 blender  is a step up. When you blend a lot of different ingredients, you can take advantage of 3 different program settings.

Comes in a choice of four different colors.


The A3300 blender features smart touch technology. It is a sturdy blender and the A3300 will look great on your worktop. Perfect for when you want to make quick mixes including cold salsa blends.


This is a fantastic looking blender. You have a choice of six different colors when it comes to the A3500 blender. Features include easy touch technology and 5 program settings.

The A3500 blender helps you to create everything from smoothies to soup mixes quickly.

The A3500 Entertaining Bundle

Do you do a lot of entertaining? If so, you should consider adding the A3500 entertaining bundle to your home. This is a must-have when you are a busy host.

Comes complete with easy to clean blender container and lid. If you like to blend cocktails, this easy to clean bundle will have you up and running in a matter of minutes again. Perfect for all homes.

A3500 Stainless Steel Container Blender

That stainless still look is certainly very popular these days. Thanks to the A3500 stainless steel blender version you can now complete your collection of stainless steel kitchen appliances.

The A3500 blender looks very smart and offers timeless sophistication in your home.

All Ascent blenders are well-made. Delivery is fast and ordering directly from the company is easy. Order your Ascent Series Blender today.