Baseball T-shirts have been around for decades and they come in all styles and sizes. But when you really want to show off your vintage fandom or love for novelty, then a baseball t-shirt is not going to cut it. Here are 10 of the top baseball tees that are truly unique and not just your regular old t-shirt with a word in large print on the front.

1.Repro Freedom For All Roses and Ribbon Baseball Tee

This vintage baseball T-shirt features a couple of roses in the middle with a ribbon wrapped around them, with a red ball and white baseball stitching. The lettering says “Repro Freedom For All. ” Which is a great way to show off your pride in being female.

2.Breaking Bad Walt and Jesse (Breaking Bad) Baseball Tee

This Breaking bad shirt features the two main characters of the show; Walt and Jesse. The two are seen with gas masks, in front of a slogan that says “Breaking Bad. ” This is a great shirt for anyone who is a fan of the show, or even just a fan of the actor that plays Jesse.

3.Jesus Was American Baseball Tee

If you are a fan of Jesus, then this shirt is for you. This shirt features the quote “Jesus was American” with a picture of Jesus and the Statue of Liberty in the background.

4.I Exist Without My Consent Baseball Tee

With this shirt, you can show off your cool head and independence. This shirt features a Nazi soldier with a sign that says “I Exist Without My Consent” inferring that they do not want to be forced to follow any rules.

5.Trample The Patriarchy Baseball Tee

This baseball T-shirt features a guy wearing a crown with the word “Trample The Patriarchy,” with his girlfriend sporting a bunch of roses. This shirt is great for those who are feminists, or just fans of their boyfriends and girlfriends.

6.Attempted Murder Baseball Tee

Printed in red letters is the title “Attempted Murder”, this shirt is perfect for those of you who love to wear the uniform of your favorite team for all to see.

7.Total Knockout Baseball Tee

This shirt features a cute black cat, but with a knockout punch, you won’t be so cute. This shirt is great for anyone who is a fan of cats, or even just a fan of kitten boxing.

8.Full Body Autonomy For All Baseball Tee

With a printing that says “Full Body Autonomy For All.” This is a great shirt for anyone who supports women’s rights, or is just fans of women.

9.Pound My Cake Daddy Baseball Tee

Talk about picky, so this shirt to “Pound My Cake Daddy” is probably for anyone who is a fan of chocolate cake.

10.Sussy Baka Baseball Tee

Yes, this shirt is about baka. But don’t take it too seriously, this is a fun shirt for anyone who loves to have fun.

Vintage baseball tees are the best way to show off your vintage fandom. But if you want a shirt that is truly unique, then try out one of these ten very unique t-shirts.