You can spend hours in the garden, trimming and weeding, then remember your knees are tired from bending all day. Pure Garden’s Foldable Gardening Kneeling Bench brings relief to sore knees. It features a padded, spring-loaded seat that folds flat for easy storage and transports back to the house. The bench is made from durable steel tubing with a powder-coated finish.

Why is it good

1) This gardening knee pad is simple and convenient to use. It offers excellent support and keeps your wrists from getting stiff. There’s a spring-loaded padded seat that you pull up with your foot and sit on, lean forward and you will feel the padded back support.

2) When getting up from the kneeling bench, you simply stand up, step off of the stool and it folds right back up! You don’t have to bend over or lift it with your hands because it is spring-loaded. So it’s easy to fold the bench up and take it with you when you go to a friend’s house, or anywhere else.

3) The frame is constructed of steel tubing that is heavy-duty and durable. The front legs are angled out so that they won’t sink into the dirt when you are working in soft soil.

4) You can use this gardening knee pad on your own, or in conjunction with a chair for extra support and comfort.

5) The padded seat is fully adjustable in height. The movement of the pad is spring-loaded so it will stay where ever you set it.

6) The gardening knee pad folds up compact for easy storage and transportation.

7) It has a good weight limit of 300 pounds to be able to use comfortably on any adult.

This gardening knee pad is simple, convenient, and comfortable. I recommend this kneepad for anyone who likes to garden, gardeners who work in the yard, or anyone that sits on their knees for long periods. It’s a good product at a reasonable price and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a garden knee pad.