Apple 12.9″ iPad Pro M1 Chip is the fastest chip Apple has ever put in a mobile device. The M1 co-processor complements the A12X Bionic chip with machine learning capabilities to deliver blazing fast performance and power efficiency.

Features of Apple 12.9″ iPad Pro M1 Chip

1. The M1 chip is clocked at 2.39GHz, taking advantage of the A12X Bionic’s multiple cores. This allows the CPU to perform tasks more efficiently and rapidly, as well as make better use of the GPU for graphics.

2. The M1 chip also uses a second-generation neural engine. As with its predecessor, the Apple-designed neural engine has two neural cores (one ARM core, one Imagination Technologies core), each with a 4-wide vector unit and a 16-wide SIMD raster unit. These components enable extremely fast processing when you want fluid game graphics on your iOS devices and improve energy efficiency when you’re not using them (up to 30 percent faster than iPhone 6s).

3. Apple 12.9″ iPad Pro M1 Chip is a 64-bit, four-core processor with advanced machine learning and graphics capabilities in the same device as its predecessors: the A10X Fusion chip in iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, the A10 Fusion chip in iPad 5th generation and later, and the A11 Bionic chip in iPhone 8 Plus, 9, and X. In fact, it’s a dedicated Apple-designed neural engine that executes machine learning algorithms faster than existing processors.

4. The M1 co-processor is designed to work with other on-device components that use machine learning for biometric authentication (such as Face ID) or scene recognition (such as TrueDepth camera). It can also offload some of the work from the A12X Bionic chip to improve overall performance.

5. Apple 12.9″ iPad Pro M1 Chip is 20 percent smaller than the previous embedded Apple processor and works with iOS 11 to deliver more intelligent and responsive apps and advanced camera features for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 9 and iPhone X.

6. The M1 chip can be found in more devices as well: It’s in iPad (2018), as well as new 2018 iPhones (iPhone XS and XS Max, iPhone XR). Co-processors specifically dedicated to machine learning will save power in other products, such as the Apple Watch Series 4 or AirPods2.